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UrbanDig_Omonia (2016-2017) was a 12 month program of research, artistic and place-making activities in the main square of Athens focusing on its diminishing public space.  It involved a growing voluntary community of artists, researchers, shop-owners and local users researching on "What makes Omonia a square? What could make Omonia a better square for the people who use it and the market around it?  What is the importance of its public space?"   Researching these questions entails combined artistic/research and place-making local interventions open to all.  The results of the process, apart from the open archive and the UrbanDig_Omonia community itself are: 

- "The Village" App, approprating Omonia as a square, with input coming from its users.  A collaboration with volunteer artists, Company New Heroes / NL and with the support of I.F. Kostopoulos Foundation   
- "Omonia Station | Ensconsed in the square" A site-specific performance, part of Athens and Epidaurus Festival inspired by the needs of its people, leaving a trace on the green and the colors of its public space
- A series of songs inspired by the stories told by local shop owners about Omonia
- A series of public space activities and tours on, around the square and inside Athens Bienalle's "Bagkeion" 

- A study on Omonia's resilience for the 100RC Office of Athens Municipality

- An activity as part of ATA (Alternative Tours of Athens)'s participatory design of Xouthou street field into a public garden.  A collaboration with Ideas Factory / BG & Caritas Hellas as part of Tandem Europe Program 


                                         Watch a full documentary on UrbanDig Omonia (part a - GR language) 

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