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*community projects, site-specific performances, knowledge sharing


is an artistic/research/community platform, developed by the not-for-profit organization ‘Ohi Pezoume Performing Arts Company’, based in Athens, Greece. It acts within the intersection of qualitative research, artistic interventions and community actions. During every project, community engagement and participatory mapping practices serve as foundation  for  building site-specific  performances in public space.


*create a unique

performative scenario

UrbanDig Project employs art and intangible cultural heritage as a common language that becomes a tool for the community to co-create urban space


UrbanDig projects start as an intrinsic need/urge to dig under the  visible  urban mosaic towards its invisible layers and beyond the “formal” visible  narratives, in the process of collecting an undiscovered local material and transforming it into a site-specific scenario. It creates a unique site-specific content based on the past, present and future of urban areas. It’s the intentional reflection by site-specific performance on the invisible part of the local history, the cultural capital of  a  neighborhood,  bringing  people  from  various  ages,  backgrounds  and disciplines together to  collect,  map  and  publically  present their local  cultural  capital. The relationships built through  the  collaborative  process,  become  the strongest element  of   inspiration. 


*building all types of bridges


Most improbable/innovative bridges between








and the 

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