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UrbanDig cares for the sustainability of the project aim:  “Urban Well-Being through co-creating wealth”.  Therefore, it primarily cares for the sustainability of the process and the locally based mapping groups formed.  This sustainability depends on:


  • Horizontal governance of the mapping groups.

  • Interdisciplinarity of each group (Arbitrage)

  • Ownership of process and outputs by the groups.

  • Skill building / support of the groups through UrbanDig network of partners

  • UrbanDig acting as a transparent liaison in all contracting until/unless groups form legal status.

  • Fun and inspiring process.

  • Digital simplicity:  One app serving both as output and as a tool (i.e. becoming part of the group’s everyday function).



  1. UrbanDig (& partner) processes for collective mapping, creating public activities and exposure, participatory leadership, database handling etc.

  2. UrbanDig App (part of the Touring app) 

  3. UrbanDig website / social media press

  4. Network of partners in art, education, civil, business, technological community &UrbanDig neighborhoods.

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