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The “ohi pezoume” Performing Arts Company was founded in 2004. It is composed of a group of creative artists and workers from different fields  of arts and sciences. The work of  “ohi pezoume” is site-specific, investing in the history and aesthetics of the performance space—whether it is intended for theatre or not- as well as in the interaction with the spectators and the  local environment.  Different forms of art expression (dance, theatre, music, fine arts and video) constitute the final result. With UrbanDig Project («Excavating ghosts of culture in the modern city») the Company visits different parts of the modern metropolis and brings into (theatrical) light the ghosts they contain: the prominent personalities of the recent cultural past who are associated with those places.

With the “Writers of the World” initiative, the ohi pezoume company offers new readings and stage approach to internationally aclaimed plays. These two activities of the ohi pezoume group reflect the current experimental work of its members in the artistic handling of local and international cultural hetitage

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