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Art and dramaturgy lie in the heart of UrbanDig practice, whether in the form of site-specific performances or other artistic practices, that are being realised along the way. They often blend with the qualitative research and community actions. UrbanDig projects do conclude with a festive finale, that builds its form and content upon the “building blocks” that were found and collected along the course. The multiple sparkles, inspirations and inscriptions gained through the exploratory phase of the project, are being transcribed into artistic conception and production. In improbable spots, in invisible corners, in closed and open spaces, the site-specific performances re-introduce the city to its inhabitants.


  • performative interventions and site-specific performance

  • live art

  • visual/ artistic/ architectural installations

  • interactive / on-line art practices (artistic app)

  • networking with art groups (common projects)

  • cultural management and curation

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